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Yves-Marie Quemener yvesmarie.quemener at
Sat Jul 6 15:27:09 MDT 2002

Alan said:
>You see, what you are suggesting is that the DSP should seek to become that
>kind of party (... a large radical-left party ...). What the DSP sees
itself as doing is >helping bring that party into being. These are two
entirely different things.

>In particular, of course, the DSP's course is considerably more cautious.
>not messing with their structure, they are allowing for the possibility
>any particular tactical course can fail, rather than putting all their eggs
>in the one basket.

>The DSP had to make a choice about "broadening out" almost a decade ago. We
>(I was a member at that point) came to the conclusion that the drawbacks
>(fewer people selling GLW, lower pledges, and so on) were certainly real,
>while the advantages (lots of new members) were probably largely imaginary,
>and that it was better to err on the side of caution.

What Alan says of the DSP has a lot of common points with the situation of
LCR in France. LCR sees itself as participating in the "recomposition" of
the left (not only the revolutionary left), trying to build an
anticapitalist left. The difficulty with that is that people from the
"radical but responsible left" (typically the Greens, but also the socialist
left, people from PCF ...) are not necessarily interested to have relation
with self-described revolutionaries.
So the difference now is that following their electoral successes of this
spring, LCR is doing the conscious decision of broadening themselves, hoping
probably to coalesce people coming from PCF, Greens, Alternatifs, and so on,
who break with the plural left about what to think of the Jospin's
Time will tell if it succeeds. But you're right that the risk is to lose
what is already here for a broader and bigger party which could never
    Yves-Marie Quemener
PS: as Alan for the DSP, I'm not a member of LCR, but feels close to them,
and reads their paper regularly.

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