'The Militant' joins liberals in denouncing Supreme Court voucher decision

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 7 16:10:49 MDT 2002

Martin Schreader wrote:

>I cannot add much to what other comrades here have said except that I think
>José's comments on public education are a classic example of the treachery
>of petty-bourgeois socialism. Hiding a reactionary program under the cover
>of "Marxist" phraseology is what has made our movement unpalatable to the
>working class. I am glad that other comrades have spoken up on this.
The next time you write this kind of inflammatory garbage on Marxmail, 
you'll have to build your revolutionary party somewhere else. I have 
very little tolerance for the term "petty-bourgeois". If I hear it from 
you *just once more*, you are out of here. I had to put up with this 
epithet when I was in the Trotskyist movement. It is nothing but a 
device to stifle a political discussion.


Louis Proyect

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