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Sun Jul 7 17:28:48 MDT 2002

Another thing wrong with the voucher system: Along
with the fact that the vouchers do not cover all of
the cost of a private education therefore leaving
working class and poor people out in the cold, it is
an anti-union measure.  Private schools are almost
always non-union workplaces while private schools are
often (and here in Pittsburgh completely) union.  To
not defend our public schools against privatization is
to give yet another excuse to the state to break our

The other hole in Jose Perez's post is that private
schools will be forums of bourgeois ideology just as
much as our public school will be.  But this ideology
can break down in the face of people's everyday lives.
 In NYC last month 30,000 public school students came
out in protest against cuts in the public education
budget.  So, obviously, the indoctrination they are
receiving in the public schools is not unbeatable.
Furthermore, these students, largely Black and Latino,
deserve the support of socialists everywhere.  And the
voucher system one of the ways that they justify
cutting the money that goes to public schools.  We in
the ISO (US) have our differences with the SWP but on
this issue, at least as how it was described on this
list, it sounds like they are correct.

Joe Cleffie

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