'The Militant' joins liberals in denouncing Supreme Court voucher decision

Richard Fidler rfidler at cyberus.ca
Sun Jul 7 19:22:35 MDT 2002

Mark Lause:

>> The objectionably "liberal" feature of the MILITANT's position is not its
defense of public education, but its uncritical defense of public education.


Excerpts from the Militant articles in question:

The news article:

In their decision the majority feigned concern for the deplorable state of
Cleveland's school system. "Cleveland's public schools have been among the
worst performing public schools in the nation," Chief Justice William
Rehnquist declared. Ninety percent of the student body in Cleveland did not
meet basic proficiency standards in the 1999-2000 school year. Sixty percent
of the students who received vouchers were from families at or below the
poverty line. None of the dissenting judges disagreed with the assessment;
they simply pointed out it has nothing to do with the Constitutional
question at hand.

Resegregation of public schools
To a greater or lesser degree, the wretched facilities and lack of ability
to receive a basic education is the bitter reality for millions of other
working-class students and their parents around the country. Resegregation
of the schools has been on the rise for more than a decade. Seventy percent
of the nation's Black students now attend schools that are made of up
students from oppressed nationalities. And 36 percent attend schools where
minority enrollment stands at 90-100 percent. Conservative researcher Jay
Greene reported in a study that 55 percent of children in public schools
attended classes where 90 percent of the students came from a single ethnic
group. ...

The Supreme Court decision is part of a series of measures that have
weakened public education under the banner of "school choice." Some 2,500
charter schools--private educational facilities that are funded by the
government--have opened in the last decade. In addition, an increasing
number of school systems, most recently Philadelphia's, have turned over
control of their schools to multimillion dollar businesses like Edison
Schools Inc., which now run more than 100 schools with 75,000 students in 22
states. ...

>From the editorial:

Both the Supreme Court and President George Bush play on the declining state
of public schools in which resegregation, overcrowding, dilapidated
buildings, and lack of books and other basic supplies are commonplace. ...

Class-conscious workers should expose the truth about the Supreme Court's
attack on public education, its blow against the separation of church and
state, and the fraud of individual "school choice" measures as a solution to
the crisis in public schools.
Etc., etc.

Richard Fidler

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