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> Actually, Lou, it was posted on this list on 5 July at 9:35 p.m., by (guess
> who?) Mac Stainsby. See "A critique from a Friend".
> Richard

He asked me to forward it everywhere, so he'll be flattered it even got double
billing. He was part of the controversy involved at Concordia when B'nai Brith
attacked the University Student Union, overwhelmingly controlled by communists
and anarchists. Their big sin was calling for a revolution and total solidarity
with Palestine (in the calendar made by the student union, May
15th was Nabka day).

They won the unscheduled re-election, this aforementioned Tom Keefer here
getting 92% of the vote (despite his previously being expelled and then
reinstated). He tells me he ran just to give one last stab to the reactionary
admin (always a very worthy goal).

As for what he has to say, I'm glad to know him, indeed.


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