'The Militant' joins liberals

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Mon Jul 8 01:44:15 MDT 2002

If liberals supported national health care, a.k.a., socialized medicine,
they would be joining us.  Would that make us wrong?

We should note that although the Militant is correct in its stance
against vouchers, others on the left, including the red left, have taken
positions against that regressive campaign as well.

In the early 1950s Art Price wrote an article in The Militant with which
Leo Huberman of The Monthly Review heartily agreed.  Huberman wrote a
personal letter to Price indicating his solidarity with that stand (it
was a labor issue, an area in which both Price and Huberman were
experts).  But he did not write to say that he was in agreement with
everything Price said or did, nor that his letter was for publication...

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