Disturbances on Drumcree Hill

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The last stand of the Orange Order, alongide George Armstrong Custer. Let's
hope the Indians arrive soon. The RUC/PSNI fired a grand total of 3 plastic
bullets at them. It reminds me of the time when the Loyalists went on the
rampage for 2 weeks, firing blast bombs, explosives and booby-trapped
fireworks injuring a number of cops right across the six counties. They had
around 600 plastic bullets fired at them. Nationalist kids rioted for two
nights in Belfast and had around 2,000 fired at them. Equality - don't you
just love it.

A report from BBC:

Drumcree violence 'totally unacceptable'

Police used water cannon to disperse crowds

The "loutish" behaviour of a small minority at the annual Orange Order
parade at Drumcree has been condemned by Prime Minister Tony Blair. [Small
minority as opposed to the massed upstanding 'loyal' citizens of the Orange
There were angry confrontations after the annual Drumcree parade was stopped
from marching through a mainly nationalist area in Portadown on Sunday.

Four people are due in court on Monday after the trouble which left 24
police officers injured. [If we injured 24 cops, there would be huge
questions raised about Sinn Fein's commitment to the peace process, not to
mention the dead and wounded 'taigues' who would scatter the roadway.]

Downing Street praised the professionalism of the police and security forces
and described the behaviour of those causing trouble as "totally

Tony Blair: "Disappointed by the loutish behaviour of a small minority"

The police officer in charge of the security operation said action would be
taken against those involved. [A slap on the wrist.]

Assistant Chief Constable Stephen White said a number of people had already
been identified and others will be identified. [They'll be publicly whipped
in the local Orange Hall, in some sadistic retribution]

"Already members of the public have phoned up to tell us who people are," he
told the BBC on Monday morning.

"So those who spat at me and my colleague, those who engaged in violence
right from the start, there will be a price to pay for that." [They'll have
to dry their clothing, and then told to direct their anger at defenceless
Nationalist children instead.]


He said some of the protesters had been wearing Orange collarettes. [How
could such upright and religious men get embroiled in such activities - on
the way home from Church no less. It makes you think those Nationalist
residents may have a point after all about their aggressive nature, perhaps]

Relentless overnight rain and and a soaking by police water cannon brought
an end to the protest by a crowd of several hundred people by 0100 BST on
Monday. [They'll have to get back to cutting the hay on their massive farms
if the weather improves - otherwise, they may come back tonight.]

The Orange Order's executive officer George Patton condemned the violence.

"Any right thinking person would have been absolutely horrified at what they
saw on their television screens last night," he said. [Orangeman fighting
RUC/PSNI man - the only ones laughing would be devious (and deviant)

During the trouble on Sunday, which lasted less than an hour, police and
soldiers fired three plastic bullets and at least two civilians were
injured. [Three plastic bullets - it says it all...]

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland First Minister David Trimble is visiting one of
the injured officers in hospital. [Poor wee Sammy, you'll just have to claim
some injury compensation - besides this'll wrong-foot the Paisleyites -
where will they stand now?]

Speaking on Monday, the SDLP assembly member for the area, Brid Rodgers said
the Orange Order now had a responsibility to co-operate with the police.
[Don't you just love the SDLP i.e. Stoop Down Low Party - they always let
the side down.]

'Anger and disgust'

The DUP Mayor of Craigavon Jonathon Bell said those responsible should be
brought to justice. [Yes, those interfering Republicans...they dare to tell
the loyal brethen that they can't walk down the 'Queen's Highway'.]

"I believe that anybody that commits a criminal act or anyone who is aware
of anybody committing a criminal act should co-operate with the police," he
said. [Especially, if they are in the 'police', British army or Loyalist

Police struggled to contain protesters at the barricade. [They wouldn't want
to hurt them.]

Following a service at Drumcree Church of Ireland, the Portadown district
lodge made the short walk to the security barrier stopping them from
entering the Garvaghy Road.

More than 2,000 police officers and soldiers were in place for the security
operation on Sunday - the fifth successive year the parade has been

A letter of protest was handed in to a senior police officer at the security

A short time later a small crowd of supporters then forced open the gates
which were in place to stop the march going down the road.

They began throwing stones at the police.

The Orange Order argues that following the march route - from Portadown to
Drumcree Church and back - is a celebration of their heritage. But many
Catholics regard it as provocative.
[It is both a celebration of Unionist Heritage and Provocative - Orange
Heritage is provocative not to mention bigoted.]

Fury at the block on Orangemen returning from their church service at
Drumcree along that route has led to fierce clashes in the past.

The event is part of the Protestant marching season which commemorates
William of Orange's 1690 Battle of the Boyne victory over Catholic King
James II, and culminates in celebrations on 12 July. ['1690, 1990 the fight
goes on!' What a classic Orange catch-phrase, roll on 2090]

In previous years when the Orange parade has been forced down the Garvaghy
Road amid a massive security operation, it has triggered serious
disturbances in republican and nationalist areas. [Nice of the BBC to make
its coverage 'equal' - let's remind ourselves of the 'serious' disturbances
in Republican areas of 5 years ago instead of current Unionist 'petty'

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