Expel this guy!

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> Right now, I can imagine Louis eyeing that jolly, candy-like button that
> would oh-so-easily sweep me off this list. Of course, it is his right to
> so, but I would think he would give pause to expelling someone for thought
> crime. Then again,...
> In any event, while reviewing some old messages on my computer, I came
> across this passage that is directly related to my use of the phrase
> "p####-b######## socialism". I know that this guy is somehow associated
> this list. I think that if Louis wants to give me the ol' heave-ho, then
> this guy should go too, and Louis should dissociate himself and his list
> from him.


Comrade Martin,

There is a significant difference between analyzing issues of class dynamics
within the proletarian struggle against capitalism, and name-calling. Yes,
the term "petit-bourgeois" is part of Marxist terminology. We all know that,
and we are ecstatic that you, too, have heard of it.

However, if you honestly believe that a comrade is mistaken in his/her
approach to a particular issue, it would be far more productive for you to
calmly point out the errors of that analysis rather than call that comrade
names, Marxist-derived or not. Name-calling and temper tantrums will not
enlighten us to your view of the issue. And, most of all, you will get
nobody's respect.

We do seriously want to understand your position, so please take a deep
breath, or several, drink a cup of your favorite beverage and discuss with
us in a comradely fashion.

With warmest regards,

Cherie Pleau

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