The Right to Choose--Was "The Militant Joins Liberals in Denouncing..."

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Mon Jul 8 09:36:13 MDT 2002


Please don't let our ruling class tell us what the working class's options
are. There is a third option, one which working people and the poor can
rally around. And that is the demand that the parents can choose whatever
school district within the city AND its suburbs they can send their
children...and without vouchers.

It is the right of every human being to receive the best possible education
available. And it doesn't stop there. Even the best grammar school education
in the U.S. is woefully inadequate in that it doesn't focus on developing
individual talents and strengthening weaknesses, and it certainly does not
encourage creative thinking. But it must begin with teaching young people
how to read, write and do basic math. If a person can read and write well,
then the foundation has been laid for her/him for all other learning. The
only way working people can begin to fight for the re-establishment of
universal literacy is to fight for the right to be schooled where schooling
is best. District/local/city/town school budgets be damned! Our children
have the right to the best education available.

The second prong of this struggle is for the demand to re-vamp the U.S.
public school system so that it becomes a place where the children can truly
learn, not only how to read and write but to discover and develop their
individuals talents, and most of all to learn how valuable each and every
human being is. We may even suggest that educators look to Cuba and take a
few lessons from the revolution.

It would be a hell of a struggle but one that could win a victory or two and
raise the hopes of all working and poor people that we have the power to
change whatever is wrong with the system, including overthrowing it.

Most comradely,

Cherie Pleau

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