Chris Brady cdbrady at
Mon Jul 8 12:35:16 MDT 2002

I just watched "Salt of the Earth" (1953) for the first time last night.

What a marvelous movie!
Not only does this film show workers in struggle against capitalism for
their rights, and against racism, but it also portrays an historically
astounding and dramatic struggle for the rights of women of the working
And it used the very workers as actors--the workers who were involved in
the strike, mostly Mexican and Chicano, in a sensitive and respectful
portrayal of their culture and hard yet proud lives.
No wonder it was banned.

I found the flick in our local library months ago but it was always out.

I live in a college town, so it was back on the shelves recently, it
being Summer Vacation for that industry.  I found who distributes the
film and
I take the liberty of forwarding ordering information to anyone
interested in this historic motion picture because it is relatively
inexpensive (only $15.00!) compared to most educational videos, or any
video really...

Here's what the website says:

A true story about New Mexico miners striking for better
working and living conditions. This controversial film was
made largely with non-actors and was blacklisted during the
McCarthy era for themes sympathetic to communist ideology.

B/W Approx. 94 min. NR

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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