"Decision On Vouchers Enhances Black Low-Income Children's Economic Prospects"/NYS Appeals Court Says 8th Grade Education Enough

Marc Rodrigues cuito61 at onebox.com
Mon Jul 8 13:07:22 MDT 2002

"There was a time education was the poor Black child's ticket out of
the slums. Then, our Black leaders got in the way, causing public school
education to become part and parcel of the problem. Instead of helping
kids out of the slums, today's "education" traps people in the underclass.

With the help of the Supremes, the direction of urban education may be
changing. With Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in the vote's majority,
the Supreme Court has upheld voucher tuition programs that can transform
the opportunity for poor kids and their education...

"The Appeals Courts in overturning Justice DeGrasse's decision agreed
that New York State was required under its constitution to provide New
York City students with a "sound, basic education," however their understanding
of the means of achieving that requirement was set at a much lower level.
Justice Alfred D. Lerner, writing for 3 of the 4 Justices states that
the skills "imparted between grades 8 and 9" is constitutionally sufficient,"
to guarantee a "sound, basic education." With regard to employment, the
Appeals ruling held that preparing New York City public school children
for the lowest paying, lowest level jobs is also acceptable by law. Justice
Lerner writes, "Society need workers in all levels of jobs, the majority
of which may well be low level..."

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