'The Militant' joins liberals in denouncing Supreme Court voucher decision

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Mon Jul 8 19:37:54 MDT 2002

To my comments about the bleak state of public education in America, Comrade
Smith wrote:

> Such hasty generalizations abound concerning the often difficult jobs that
> teachers have in the United States.

I said absolutely nothing about teachers, of which oppressed legions I am one.
If I said that cars are unsafe, would people respond as though I were
badmouthing autoworkers?  The assumption that workers in my industry are
responsible for its successes and failures is just bizarre. I just can't picture
Marxists of any sort telling an auto worker not to make "hasty generalizations"
about the industry's course that reflect poorly on the workers in the industry
as if they ran it.

Yes, obviously, my bleak scenario doesn't describe each and every situation in
each and every school, and I'm very pleased to hear that some kids are getting a
decent education.  I am absolutely confident that they are exceptions that prove
the rule. Comrade Smith should consider his own criteria and check the
statistics on unionization among teachers.  He should also make the further
adjustment of deducting membership in company unions.

Civilization generally emerged with teachers and scholars as slaves.  They were,
therefore, held responsible for all sorts of things.  And what's changed on
that, eh?

Mark L.

"The cardinal sin, when we are looking for truth of fact or wisdom of policy, is
refusal to discuss, or action which blocks discussion."
     ---- Sidney Hook, "The Ethics of Controversy" 1954

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