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Tue Jul 9 08:59:37 MDT 2002

> From: Tony Tracy <tony at>
> Subject: An analysis of the anti-globalization movement & the anti-G8 protests

> my young friend & comrade tom keefer from montreal put together the
> enclosed piece,
(... )
> tom's politics are far more to the anarchist side of life than my own, but
> he comes from a revolutionary socialist tradition, and i've got alot of
> time for many of his arguments...

I've only skimmed the article so far, but it looks far in advance of
what I generally hear from anarchists here in Melbourne. Maybe because
the socialist left is a lot bigger and more influential than in many
places (in Australia, probably north america too) most of the active
anarchists here are horribly anti-communist, often extremely
individualist, and highly sectarian. I gather that across Europe and
North America this isn't necessarily the case. Are there anarchist
groups that play a constructive role in Canada or the USA? I used to
enjoy reading Love&Rage for example, nothing like that ever came out of
Australia. (although there are good, sane, non-sectarian anarchists
around in unions, Friends Of the Earth, here and there).

Ben Courtice
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