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Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Jul 9 09:35:03 MDT 2002

Travis Fast wrote:
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> I will take Mac's red bait.

>From the very beginning debate over this subject on the marxism list has
been seriously distorted by personal attacks on Mac Stainsby, first by
Lou Proyect and Jim Cramer, and now by you.

Browsing through your post I think I mostly agree with your perspective,
but I have never understood why it is so necessary for some people to
wrap potentially valid arguments in personal attacks or in
"characterization" of the person whose views are being attacked.

Red baiting is perhaps the most serious charge one comrade can make
against another, and it must always be supported by evidence
establishing the _intentions_ and _motives_ of the alleged red-baiter,
not merely an analysis of the views expressed.

Carrol Cox

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