Deregulation, Public Ownership (Reply to Jose)

Armand Diego causebellum at
Tue Jul 9 10:29:53 MDT 2002

Jose G. Perez wrote:

"But I do not believe we can honestly say that a
"nationalized," "europeanized" or "non-profit" air
traffic control system would  be better
(or worse) than current arrangements. The truth is
that there isn't a dime's worth of difference whether
the capitalists run their air traffic control system
through their companies, through their national
states, through one of their "non-profit"
corporations, or through their eurocracy. It would
still represent an integral part of the air transport
industry; and whether or not profits are booked in the
name of an air traffic control company, su
a company, non-profit or bureaucracy would *still* be
a part of this entire profit-making machine and
subject to all the pressures that flow therefrom."
Well, it seems as if comrade Jose Perez is drafting a
program.  First, he is in favor of vouchers.  Now, he
is against public ownership of the transportation
industry.  In both cases because, according to him, is
not a dime difference between public or private
education and public education is bad enough, now he
is against public ownership of airport functions
because there is not a dime of difference between
public ownership of them and corporate-run
After all, his logic goes, capitalism would still be
there to impose its design, methods and bureacracy.

He did not include the grand finale to such a program:
Socialism will solve everything ... don't worry about
these struggles about deregulation, privatizations,
for public ownership and so on.... they are just
useless reforms that give workers "illusions."

He forgets that Marxists strive to move workers - and
their consciousness - "from where they are to where
the objective needs of the class struggle needs them
to be." The fight for decent public education under
the control of students, workers, teachers and
parents; the demand to use public domain measures to
put private enterprises under public ownership are
part of the program to achieve the mobilization and
raise the consciousness of workers.

Workers control of industry - in the case of
transportation systems - would also help to develop
such consciousness and will put on the table the
discussion of speed ups, forced overtime,working
conditions ... that leads to the exhaustion of the
workforce and human error, the causes of so many of
those tragic airline accidents.

Limiting yourself to demand punishment - which we
should also do - of the private enterprises that
deliver air controlling systems is limiting the
program to demand from the bourgeoisie to punish
themselves, sowing "illusions" in bourgoies
courts...if we are to follow Jose's logic ...

Got to go ... I have a plane to catch.


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