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Tue Jul 9 13:27:48 MDT 2002

I used to be a candidate member of the Communist Party of the Philippines. I

was expelled for questioning their actual practice of democratic centralism
- more centralism than democratic, that was my opinion.

Anyway. I'm still a Marxist or at least trying to become one. Reading all
materials in the internet, I realize now how poor my training really was. We

had an excuse then - we were fighting against a brutal dictatorship and we
had to make do. But we failed to win or gain power and lost again to the
ruling elite upon the restoration of the so-called democracy and that proves

to me that we really had no excuse in not studying enough marxist theory.

I want to learn more now.

Can anyone here suggest anything (reading materials, comments) on the

1. Repudation or Confirmation of the Labor theory of value.
2. methods of class analysis.
3. methods of organizing
4. forms of organization especially in a brutal environment such as the
5. forms of struggle

My readings comprised only the following:
1. the communist manifesto
2. what is to be done?
3. two tactics of the RSDP
4. state and revolution
5. imperialism - the highes stage of capitalism
6. on contradiction by mao
7. philippine society and revolution by guerrero
8. first chapter of the das kapital

As you can see, this comrade needs help.

Jim C:

My advice, for what it is worth, is to hook-up with some concrete struggles
and issues and those you feel are making principled and effective stands in
those concrete struggles on those concrete issues and then let your praxis
take/guide you to the theory and experiences of others that may further
guide and advance your praxis in concrete ways.

I know all sorts of folks very erudite on a wide variety of classical and
contemporary theory who are doing nothing with it except spewing out
selected cherry-picked quotes on a variety of internet lists or perhaps
meeting in the post office box of their group and having faction fights.

For example, on Lenin, as part of the collected works of 45 volumes, as in
the case of the collected works of Marx and Engels, there are index volumes
to look-up particular concepts and issues in the works as they arise in
praxis; that it what I would recommend.

Jim C.

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