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>My advice, for what it is worth, is to hook-up with some concrete struggles
>and issues and those you feel are making principled and effective stands in
>those concrete struggles on those concrete issues and then let your praxis
>take/guide you to the theory and experiences of others that may further
>guide and advance your praxis in concrete ways.
>I know all sorts of folks very erudite on a wide variety of classical and
>contemporary theory who are doing nothing with it except spewing out
>selected cherry-picked quotes on a variety of internet lists or perhaps
>meeting in the post office box of their group and having faction fights.
>For example, on Lenin, as part of the collected works of 45 volumes, as in
>the case of the collected works of Marx and Engels, there are index volumes
>to look-up particular concepts and issues in the works as they arise in
>praxis; that it what I would recommend.

Thanks, Jim.
But that was precisely what I and my comrades were doing here - letting our
praxis guide us to theory and though I am also know many people who spouted
back quotes for every question we raised, I'm afraid that our more that 30
years of struggle here seems nevertheless to have reached a cul-de-sac.

I was hoping that comrades in the developed countries with their better
resources and longer years of fighting against capitalism may have other
insights to offer from their struggles.

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