Strike! By Jeremy Brecher

Daniel Ortega tanks992000 at
Tue Jul 9 21:30:31 MDT 2002

Im just finishing this book. I think the Author is a
disciple of Luxemburg. He starts off with 1877 and
ends with the last UPS strike. Its a phenomenal book.
Philip Foner is i bit dry and ridged compared to
Brecher. Brecher is better in showing the life of the
working class in struggle. It makes it seem that 1886
and the struggle for the 8 hour day, and 1919 strike
wave were the peaks of militancy of labor. It makes it
seem the Labor movement was a bit calm in the 1930's
to the class type wars that existed before.
It seems most Marxist in the US use the 1960 and the
1930 as their center paradigm to anaylis mass
struggle. The era's before mark an exhilarating period
of revolutionary struggle that has been a bit ignored
by the new generation.


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