UCLA students rate Perry Anderson and Robert Brenner

Derek Seidman derektheredrebel at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 10 10:16:00 MDT 2002

I go to UCLA, and I've taken two classes with Brenner
and gotten to know the guy a little. He's lectures can
often get repetitive, and, for the someone who was
fairly uninterested in the first place and was just
taking the class for a few credits, it would be quite
slow and boring. But, speaking for myself and others I
know, if you take the class seriously and ride with
him, by the end of the quarter you realize that he
drilled the most basic tenets of marxism and
historical materialism into your head deeply and very
convincingly, not just in terms of abstract theory,
but in historical context. I've talked to many a
people who take marxism very seriously now after
taking his course. He knows what he's doing.

He'll often come to class late (or every now and then,
not at all), but he's a sweetheart with his students.
He's insanely busy, but he'll find time for you to
talk about whatever, and even give you his number to
call him up. And, you'll find as lively a discussion
in his class as any other one-- and he never fails to
find a little time here and there to raise up
important issues that were all concerned about to
discuss with students a bit. So, he's not for
everyone, but I'm sure that everyone on this list
would find a course of his extremely stimulating. Just
my thoughts...

And, I haven't dared to take a course with Perry
Anderson-- to the best of my knowledge, what they say
is true...

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