'The Militant' joins liberals

Mark Lause lause at worldnet.att.net
Wed Jul 10 16:49:50 MDT 2002

"Smith, Gerard" wrote:

> Also being a working in the industry, I take full responsibility for the
> "success and failure" of my students.

I can't tell you how utterly bizarre I find that position, but... Yeah, sure,
I've noticed that people aren't cars.  Yes, I do what we can.  Yes, all
institutions are a little different.

But what happens when we start to gain ground?  Management starts to realize
that we could process more with a level of quality acceptable to them.  Next
thing you know, you find the size of your classes goosed up and you face other
speedup techniques.  THAT is how students are like cars...not because teachers
treat them that way but because the grand planners do.

American education only needs and wants a level of success within clear limits.
It has nothing to do with serving students.  Teachers only operate within those
realms of the possible.  And, at this level of unionization (or lack thereof),
we do not define the possible.

Of course, the tendency is always to blame the worker, right?  Get served a
crappy burger and yell at the guy in the paper hat.  So why not hold the
teachers responsible?

A thousand points of crap!

Mark L.

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