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                             Green Left Weekly,
                      Australia's socialist newspaper
                                 Issue #499
                               July 10, 2002

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.


The US military's July 1 massacre of Afghan villagers attending a
wedding party has been presented by both the Pentagon and the mainstream
media has a ``blunder''. Green Left Weekly explains why it was just the
latest in a long list of US war crimes in Afghanistan.



* AFGHANISTAN: US military massacres villagers again


 * Refugee breakouts: the best way to end detention?


 * INDONESIA: Wahid, Sari call for `people's congress'
 * CANADA: Anti-G8 protesters demand open borders
 * CASTRO: `We stand tall before the most powerful imperial force'
 * PAKISTAN: Afghanistan war spreads east
 * First anti-US protest in Kabul
 * BRITAIN: The media and the Middle East
 * PALESTINE: Arafat calls for democratic elections in the US
 * PALESTINE: World's longest running injustice
 * UNITED STATES: Waterfront showdown looms
 * UNITED STATES: Black farmers demand loans
 * SOUTH AFRICA: Municipal workers strike for living wage
 * GREECE: General strike signals radicalisation
 * FIJI: Vote-buying scam exposed


 * Mother pleads for her son
 * `True freedom will only come through changes in the system'
 * WorldCom: media excuses corporate greed
 * Nationalise the insurance industry!
 * Labor government to ignore ranks on marina
 * Drop the charges against AMWU militants!
 * Support the nurses!
 * Skilled six workplace motion
 * Abbott threatens right to strike


 * Building workers: `We saved this city'
 * Aluminium workers exposed to health risk
 * Nurses, health workers campaign escalates
 * `It is not a labour government'
 * International students under attack
 * Shame Howard on Tampa Day
 * Woomera hunger-strikers taunted
 * Socialist Alliance launches election campaign
 * Commission puts conditions on Southwood
 * Great Lakes Rural Australians for Refugees formed
 * Stonewall remembered
 * Port Kembla copper smelter blows its stack
 * Unionists discuss political ties
 * Pickets pressure Dayson bosses
 * DOCS strike for more staff
 * Workers locked out
 * News briefs
 * Challengers in NTEU elections


 * A minority report on Minority Report
 * A rock band with a conscience
 * `Death merchants' and US nuclear policy
 * Fascinating snapshot of rural Iran
 * Museworthy: Jose Touches His Toes
 * Voices from East Timor's grassroots


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