Re. UCLA Students Evals on Anderson/Brenner

Michael Hoover hooverm at
Fri Jul 12 08:14:19 MDT 2002

It is true that Professor Anderson mumbles at
the end of every sentence
Brenner is the worst professor I have ever had
in my entire 3 years at UCLA.
Louis Proyect

sent comments re. above yesterday but post
apparently floating somewhere in cyberspace,
below is reconstruction...

no point in posting anderson/brenner evals,
no points for including website where folks
can see that not all students were negative,
lots of evidence indicates that evals vary
according to grades students received, but
neither uniformly negative anderson/brenner
evals nor evidence that pair are not only
horrible teachers but vile human beings as
well 'proves' anything about 'anderson' and
'brenner' theses you so vehemently

i am confident that you can and will do
better in future lou as i know you would
(danger will robinson - irony alert!)
never intentionally personalize your
political disagreements...   michael hoover

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