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So, what is your point? If you have disagreement,
you should post the _whole_ thing. From what I
read, there was a consensus about Brenner's style
of  lecturing.. that he was not a good lecturer in terms of presenting the material or articulating
his points. You can be a super-star Marxist,  but a
horrible teacher ! Other than that, one student
said that Brenner was a "communist" (which he is "not") and added what a "cool" thing it was. My
first reaction was that that this was a student
who never encountered communism in American universities.

Other than ideological differences among students,
the results uniformly indicated an important *technicality*: that Brenner was not a very good
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I too was so upset when i read that britney and
justin were breaking up, of course, living in
orlando makes it really hard since they're both
from here, and you know, i mean, it's not like
i actually know them or anything but, well, i
just feel so good that people from my hometown
have made it really really big, and i really
think they make such a cool, cute couple,
don't you?

anyways, don't believe the tabloids
justin and britney have issued a statment
insisting that they are still very much a
couple (isn't that cool!) and that they
love each other very much (oooh, that's so

it must really be hard to be big stars and
try to keep a relationship together, they
must be so busy with their careers, imagine
all the demands on their time and how they
have to be away from each other alot, and
i just read that the woman justin was seen
having lunch with recently was his agent
(take that rumour mongers!)

write back when you get a chance...

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