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Dante, one other thing I can recommend (on top of the good suggestions
from Louis etc) is Links magazine

In particular there are a number of [self-]critical articles about the
Filipino left by a couple of the more democratic groups that emerged out
of the CPP after the 1993 split. I don't know if it's all old news and
old debate to you, but people like Sonny Melencio, Frank Pascual, and
the Revolutionary Workers' Party have all criticised the lack of
democracy in the Sison CPP and tried to learn from the CPP's mistakes,
by trying to go back to classical Leninism, more or less.

I remember at a DSP congress here in Australia, Sonny once said that in
the old CPP/NPA the only political education was reading Mao, so all
they knew of Lenin had been learned "with a Mao condom" or some joke
like that.

Do read Lenin. The best education in how to creatively apply Marxism to
reality. And two biographies which are pretty good--"Lenin and the
revolutionary party" by Paul LeBlanc, and "Leninism under Lenin" by
Marcel Liebman. The former is better but out of print and hard to find
(in Australia anyway).

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