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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 12 16:04:17 MDT 2002

Jurriaan Bendien wrote:

> Well, Louis, on the question of the transition from feudalism to
> capitalism, I would probably go along with you quite some way, and it
> is quite legitimate I think to have that sort of criticism. But what
> is this about Kautskyism ? I suppose I am going to be shot down for
> heresy, but his political intuitions and perspectives were often quite
> sharp and often stand up rather well in the light of history. Okay, he
> wasn't a true revolutionary. Does it really make sense to call Brenner
> a "Kautskyist", and if so, then what ?

I didn't say he was a Kautskyist. I said that his writings on the
transition to capitalism encouraged a kind of Kautskyism. For evidence
of this, just read Colin Leys's batty articles on Kenya.

> And... maybe I am naive, but how can you teach at a stimulating place
> like LA and be a "burnt-out case" ?



Louis Proyect

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