Going Down To Kananaskis: Fork in The Road for Our Movement (Part one)

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Fri Jul 12 16:17:30 MDT 2002

hi all! I have not got a chance to read all 4 parts of this but I will run
it off and read it when I have time.
    On the first day we went out to "k" Country, there was aproximatly 110
or so vehicles in our convoy. we were ill prepared to stay in the heat on
highgway40 and some people had heat exhoustion. if we were more prepared,I
am certain that we would have had a tent city on the side of the road. we
will know better next time.
  The proplem with the action or lack there of as some may sayat the first
fence perimiter on highway 40 in my opinion was those that organisesd the
caravan had come up with a agenda of getting as far as we could and then
giving a message to the police to somehow get it to the delagates. wE did
have a chance to convey a message if we has of elected one person to go and
giv it to the delegates, but it was agree that all of us go or none.
   When we got there, in my opinion, starhawk chucked the original dicision
out the window and rightly so, because it did not take into account last
minute sign ups to the caravan.There should have been one last meeting of
all those going, just before we left the park to get in our cars to go.
there was a meeting on the hwy 40,but in my opinion that was too late, we
were already there and not prepared to do any long term vigil or
blockade.the meeting in my opinion was split untill the end when I believe
the speakers list was stacked with people we opposed the idea of staying and
instead of using factual information to gain support amongst the growd for
there ideas of just having a spiral dance and then leaving, the used
passion. Facts were: yes, we had no water no tents, no food ,no stove, but
if we were really concerned about confronting the ilegality of the security
perimiter, we would have gotten supplies brought out from calgary. and
whoever thinks that by some people leaving the meeting early(most labour
left first),that that is going to somehow split the movement,needs to check
there head. If I am at my sons hocky game with my wife, and I have to leave
early, That will not split up the familly.
        After almost everybody left, there were still about 10 or so of us
who wern't satisfied with a pacifist action when a more assertive action was
needed. starhawk was nice enough to stay behind for a while and help
facilitate a discusion which ended up in us agreeing to hold an action again
on hwy 40 the next day.too be continued
   Aaron Doncaster
P.s  This is in no way intended to point a finger at anyone or group and say
they were in the wrong. as we continue to grow as a movement, it is
inevitable that we will make some mistakes and we must be extremley criticle
in analysing mistakes we make so that we can learn from them

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