Re.: Addendum: Just a thought

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Sat Jul 13 01:56:54 MDT 2002

That's one of the things about being a good teacher:
they never know the effect they have on their students.

Some mention that really bad teachers radicalized them;
funny, I have thought about that sort of thing a few times.
Like, maybe I should be a real asshole if I was a teacher,
so as to play the role of reactive stimulus.
When I visit other places, as a tall gringo, Anglo in appearance,
perhaps I should dress the part and kick around the natives
so they'll remember how rotten we all are, and maybe hasten the rev.
Get drunk, beat up women, kick puppies, etc.

Nah, I only think that when I get really depressed.
Solidarity and humanity are so much needed in our world today.
Like Jim, if I had not had a couple of really decent teachers
I would have taken a decidedly wrong turn back in them days.
I'm not going to go into it on this public forum, but I do need to
say that I thank them, and I wish they could know.

As for evaluations, teachers should always be in communication with
their students, but the production prerogatives of the commodified
academy preclude such dalliance.  The latest experience I had was when
the evaluations of a certain particularly abusive professor simply
disappeared.  Seems she was in favor with the administration...

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