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..." is uncomfortably suggestive of the orthodox definition of the working
class, i.e., those who live on wages received from their labor. Some
marxists have interpreted this so narrowly that they have focused on
organizing at "the point of production," i.e., trade unions involved with
heavy manufacture.
> So, by working class, do you mean those who live on wages received from
their labor? Because a lot of people would be left out of that category,
because some people are unemployed, some cannot work, and some work but
receive no wage.

This schema was one that contributed to the split in 1991 of the CP and the
Committees of Correspondence, a "policy" called industrial concentration.
I might just say that you don't become a proletarian when you work in a
factory, you become a proletarian when you become a commodity.  I might
also say that in the struggle for women's emancipation, that is, half of
humanity, the sexual divisions of labor cross class lines, and right now
around 80% of the work being done in the world is being done by this 52% of
the population, even though female ownership of anything is in the single
digits.  I might further say that the struggle against imperialism involves
a direct struggle, often with inter-class collaboration for national
liberation (IMHO also in the US where the indigenous and African-American
nations reside).  I used to hear how the industrial proletariat is the only
consistently revolutionary class, even as history tells me otherwise.  One
criterion for rebellion is the willingness to fight.  No white male
American worker who is driving an $20,000 pickup and a barbecue in the back
yard is going to rebel.  Rebellion is high risk and always comes in
response to a combination of misery, repression, and humiliation.  Figure
out what sectors will face that constellation, and when, and we then know
who can be mobilized.  And history has a habit of ignoring even our
prettiest schemas.

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