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Sun Jul 14 12:47:30 MDT 2002

> I don't think that "immiseration theory" holds water, at least not with
> respect to the example you gave (although your "combination" is a good
> qualifier). That white worker with his pickup, etc., may well rebel if
> future becomes uncertain, if the system begins to lose legitimacy, if
> sectors rebel, etc. That's exactly what happened toward the end of the
> Vietnam war. By your argument, much of the world's population should
> already have 'rebelled'.

I didn't say that these conditions caused rebellion.  I said without them
there will be no rebellion.  If you can show me the historical exception,
I'll withdraw the assertion.  White workers en masse did NOT rebel at the
end of the Vietnam invasion.  This is not an "immiseration theory."  Just
an observation.  My opinion, just based on living with white workers all my
life, is that if we wait for white workers in the metropoles to start the
revolution, we will be overtaken with barbarism and ecocide first.  Sorry,
but I can't quote any holy texts to provide scholastic support for that.
I'll make you a substantial bet, though, that US white workers will be won
to fascism before they are won to socialism.  Generally speaking, white
supremacist ideology permeates every cell of the white (especially male)
American worker.

This is my heresy, and until I see some pretty compelling evidence to the
contrary, I stand by it.

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