Student Evals As Public Opinion Polls

Michael Hoover HooverM at
Mon Jul 15 11:03:13 MDT 2002

below should not be taken as defense of
anderson's/brenner's/anyone else's
teaching (i've certainly no idea about
a & b, met latter once years ago &
don't recall thing about him), i've
read both, sometimes to benefit,
sometimes not, sometimes in
agreement, sometimes not...

in any event, student evals of sort
posed to campus web are akin
to pseudo-polls that are even more
deceptive and less helpful than
'scientific' polling and associated
problems of sampling, question
wording, saliency, etc...

pseudo-polls/student web evals
range from potential - perhaps
misleading - entertainment to
bogus 'data'...stuff of viewer/
listener call-in & internet 'polling'
that tell only how portion of
audience/class (self selected in
first place by choice of particular
media outlet/course) who 'care'
enough to call in/click mouse
(self-selected in second place
by willingness to expend effort)
'feel' about an issue/teacher...
michael hoover

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