a thousand points of crap

Smith, Gerard gsmith at clark.edu
Mon Jul 15 18:01:58 MDT 2002

The philosophy that I am responsible for the success and failure of my
students has been called: a thousand points of crap.

When I joined the Marxism list I thought that certain premises would be
understood: that each participant was in some way teaching, discussing, or
actively practicing socialist principles.

In stating that I am responsible for the success and failure of my students,
I assumed my statement would be taken in that light.  For example, success
means the student has been radicalized or "made skeptical" of capitalism and
its proponents.  Failure then means, the student has left my class more
enamored with capitalism than when he/she arrived.

Evidence that capitalism depends upon and maintains class antagonism has
been and will be the examples my students analyze for their argument papers.
Fostering critical thinking about social/political policies is the center
piece of my research course:  Saddam Hussein and US Assassination Policy,
Sterilization of Crack Mothers, Genetic Engineering and Pharmaceutical
Monopolies, Terrorism in the Age of Civil Rights.   These are but a few
examples of the papers that my freshman writers are working on this

Now that my meaning has been clarified, I hope that my teaching or my
philosophy will no longer be called "crap".


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