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Wed Jul 17 06:42:58 MDT 2002

Tom O'Lincoln:
>>Louis's hypothetical Jack Barnes speech is interesting, but most of it
contains recommendations that one or another "Zinovievist" group has
implemented over the years. There is direct involvement in trade union work
and environmental groups, joining pro-NLF committees, etc - all things
"Zinovievist" groups have done. There are critical formulations about
"democratic centralism" that could come straight from a pamphlet by
Socialist Alternative in Australia. <<

Socialist Alternative? Is this the outfit that says on their website: 

"The role of a socialist organisation is to bring together the most
militant fighters against the system, the people with the clearest ideas
about how the struggle can win, and to intervene to convince other people
of the way forward. 

"The tragedy of the last century is that, even though there were
revolutions somewhere in the world in every decade, most were defeated – in
part because there were no organised revolutionaries who had enough clarity
and credibility to convince people of what to do. 

"We are building an organisation in the hope that next time the mass of
people fight back, we can win."

If this is the case, Tom, I am afraid that we have a failure to communicate
as they say in "Cool Hand Luke". Whatever criticisms they have of
"democratic centralism" are unimportant to me as long as they write
nonsense like this.

Louis Proyect
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