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> Shane Hopkinson wrote:
> >>So what was the outcome [of the seminar involving former members of the
> DSP]? I assume that this was grist to the mill for Bob's book on the DSP.>>

> I don't know where you got the idea Bob was writing a book on the DSP. John
> Percy is writing a book on the DSP, Bob is writing a memoir of a
> near-50-year involvement in left politics. Bob has run across the DSP a few
> times in those 50 years and no doubt it will be mentioned.

Musted have got a crossed wire I spoke to John about his book on the DSP at Easter
and with Bob where I collected his sheets (any sign of the electronics copies?) and he
talked about 'his book' which I conflated with Johns. Any idea when Bob will get his
book out it ought to be a good read.

> Our seminar was to gather some recollections and analysis of some former
> members' involvement in the DSP/SWP/SWL/Communist League and we expect that
> some written papers will come out of it, over time. There is a lot of
> political experience among former members of the DSP and our aim is to see
> that at least some of it is written up to help activists draw conclusions
> about various tactics, strategies, political decisions and incidents.

Sounds great - how can we access the written papers and have a discussion about
them? Are there plans to start an Australian e-list or something of that kind or will
all this circulate privately?  Perhaps the Socialist Alliance might play a role here a
Bobs suggestion? It would be important to avoid the kind of "he says - she said"
thing about the past and put it in a form that can be constructively debated like here
on MarxMail.

> The agenda included: Cannonism as a panacea; experiences in the turn to
> industry; the failure of Marxist orthodoxy; ideological, political and
> methodological issues in the history of the DSP, the psychology of small
> socialist groups, DSP interventions in social movements and solidarity
> campaigns; statements on recent experiences in the DSP; the DSP and the
> Greens and the DSP and the ALP.

I hope something constructive comes out of it.

> There was a range of views among the participants, and I won't attempt to
> summarise those views here. Those who wish to will produce written material,
> which will be published.
> All the participants were still committed to the left and most were still
> active in left politics. Right-wing former leftists were not invited.

Sounds like the basis for something. Look forward to hearing more in due course.



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