Holocaust and Genocide/Stanley Cohen suit

Marc Rodrigues cuito61 at onebox.com
Wed Jul 17 17:04:57 MDT 2002

I'm sure many listmembers have heard of the suit brought by Stanley Cohen
on behalf of Palestinians with American citizenship that have lived in
or visited the West Bank and Gaza during the current intifada.  Basically,
the suit names Sharon, Bush, other members of the Israeli government,
Colin Powell, top U.S. weapons contractors, and (I think) Israeli settlements
(or a specific settlement) as commiting crimes against humanity and genocide,
among other crimes.

This brings up several questions in my mind.  For those who are familiar
with the suit, do you think this is more for publicity or do they expect
to really have some grievances addresed and real justice brought through
this suit?

Furthermore, what would be the practicality/ expected result/ possibilities
associated with formally charging the United States (and other parties)
with genocide and crimes against humanity as defined by international
law, for its actions agaisnt the indigenous peoples of this area of the

And what about the same questions applied to cases of U.S. foreign policy?
 For example, can the U.S. be held responsible for the massacre of East
Timorese by Indonesia?

I guess the right question to ask is, why *aren't* more cases like this
brought up more often, and what are all of the political/legal implications
and limitations for those attempting to charge and convict the U.S. with
such crimes?

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