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DRAFT OF PROGRAM OF SOCIAL MOVEMENT IN 21C in  to relation t world party
> Usual programs of cummunist asumme that social revolution begins only after
> proletariat take over political power in common. So program is party’s
> program, and its content is political monism, but we can no longer organize
> current social movement by such program.. Collapse of USSR proved reality of
> this inference. But creation of worldwide single capital market shows new
> perspective of social revolution, and these movements experience 20 years, so
> become to recognize law of development of these own movement. Party’s
> are political document, so these weight down in current society in which
> politics weight down in each nation state. It cannot systematize all area of
> social movements and it may be unnecessary. But investigation which makes
> clear historical stage of current world and shows plan of alternative social
> system of next generation., remains. If these plan are showed, various
> movements understand each other and stand its own position, which includes
> from cultural areas to political areas. Thus below is draft prime. Each
> movement comes to the stage of having own program and declaration. We want to
> mediate these tendency toward raising the potential of these movements.
> 1. Historic characteristic of 20 C’s capitalist production is expansion  of
> integument of capitalist production against socialization of labor.
> 2. Transition from control currency to floating exchange rate system which
> at suspension of conversion between dollar and gold, 1971 was a starting point
> of increasing socialization of integument of capitalist production to its
> limit.
> 3. Transition to floating exchange rate system created economic condition
> enervate to recapitulate civil society by nation state. Eurodollar market grew
> as private international financial market, each nation regulator of currency
> were enervate , and capital export were replaced by international capital
> transfer. Multinational financial capitals market developed by online system
> based upon multinational real capitals, thus single-world capital market was
> formed not be swayed by national border.
> 4.. The base of single-world capital market is formed by concentration of
> production.. Today, Large firms become mulitinational companies and monopolize
> world widely ,and its every profit is as large as middle class countries. On
> the other hand, technological innovations by competition of capitals result
> in information revolution by computer, and usual account systems owned by
> bankers privately, become to connected to single-payment system, thus account
> system reaches to its socialization limit.
> 5. As single-capital market is formed, its political representation is
> developed. Globalization is its motto. American government is political form
> of nation state of USA, as well as functions as political delegation of single
> capital market, sponsors G 8 ,reforms GATTO into WTO, restructures IMF and
> world bank , and props up UN.
> 6. By forming worldwide single capital market, capitalism enters into new
> credit capitalism Dept -Claim relation is .the original form of credit, but on
> this original form, money dealing capital developed, and commoditifying of
> capital expanded , thus by forming worldwide credit system , capitals split
> into two part which are real capital and fictitious capital ,thus socialize
> integument of capitalist production. Usually fictitious capital and financial
> market functioned as means of real capital accumulation, and it expanded
> fluctuation of trade cycle. But fictitious capital which was originally the
> right of claim of money, got out of regulation by nation state, and organized
> themselves as world wide market, thus accumulation of real capitals depend
> upon movement of fictitious capitals.
> 7. Under ruling credit capitalism, the world differentiates into the Global,
> the Nation state and the Local.
> 8. The Global consists of mulitinational companies and multinational financial
> capitals organized as single world capital market and tries to organize USA,
> WTO, IMF, World bank, UN as its political delegation.
> The nation states are in the middle position between the Global and the Local,
> and are being disolved by the two But try to form network through UN or EU.
> The Local is ecological economy as its core. The local also connects each
> other internationally.
> 9.The three differentiation of world reorganize the usual division of
> countries, middle class countries, and developing countries. The political
> delegation of The Global is not elected by anyone and not responsible for
> anyone. So the indiscriminate movement of valolization process necessarily
> produces counter-movement by the inhabitants which is the entity of the Local
> 10. These inhabitant movements raise Global ecological problems. Essence of
> environmental crisis is that circulation of value in accumulation of capital
> forces to precede circulation of matter. If possible, Capital doesn’t matter
> ecological condition.
> 11. The Local In contrast with the Global is in fact natural force as
> productive force. Sunlight, water, air, soil, microbe, plant, animals, these
> production forces in itself. Economy of ecological system upon these nature
> productive force is no matter for the Global.                 
>  It is not enough that the conditions of labor are
> concentrated in a mass, in the shape of capital, at the one pole of society,
> while at the other are grouped masses of men, who have nothing to sell but
> their labor-power. Neither is it enough that they are compelled to sell it
> voluntarily. The advance of capitalist production develops a working-class,
> which by education, tradition, habit, looks upon the conditions of that mode
> of production as self-evident laws of Nature..The working class faces the fact
> that accumulation of capital is circulation of valolization process, and works
> as destructive force on earth. And they face the fact that the destructive
> force destruct working class’ life ability. In this sense, The local is not
> only some region, but also economy of existence systems, which can resolve the
> problems emerging from accumulation of capital, and can change the capital
> system itself as as Alternative Global.
> 12.The forming of Credit capitalism is producing new social movement rather
> than usual communist movemnet which aimed to take over political power.
> 13.Past usual communist movement aimed on the level of tactics of social
> revlolution  to abolish commodity, money and capital by political will, and
> was intelligible as a tactics of de-commoditifying. While new social
> movements are producing tactics to abolish money by forming social relation
> which is made by detour to transform action into useless, action of
> unconscious collective instinctive behavior which produce commodity and money.
> This line is the de-reification tactics which reduce the force of power ruling
> people’s will , de-reification behind fetishism of value form, i.e.
> money.
> 14.Capitalism in20C are producing conditions of emerging social movement which
> facilitate  de-reification o f commodity, money and capital. Information
> revolution produces technical condition of
> cooperate regulation of bank accounts of individual account. It  also forwards
> automatization of industrial sector, thus socialization to this limit, and
> produces material condition for the non-profit project out of big
> cooperation for profit-seeking.. In consumption area, it produces the
> possibility
> of gaining necessary information for inhabitants and deciding consumption
> sublectively.
> 15. movement of capital consists of immediate production process, process of
> circulation and form of production. Movements experiences produced
> of each area in 1990’s.
> 16.In immediate production area, alternative labor not hired by capitalist is
> created, and by spreading it, it becomes possible to reduce area of
> valolization by capital.
> 17. In process of circulation, choice of consumption by last consumer i.e.
> worker, farmer, and civilian
> produces negation of realization of surplus value by capital
> 18. In form of capital, alternative cooperative social account by
> workers, farmers, citizen is produced
> apart from usual credit systems by capital, thus make possible to limit rule
> of capital credit system.
> 19. New emerging global social movements by the Local against rule of global
> capital under credit capitalism are forming new movements and organizations by
> association principle.
> 20. Class struggle in the stage in which bourgeois society is organized as
> nation-state, were to spread forces who bear political revolution through mass
> movement upon claim of democracy.
> But when bourgeois society formed as Global society  which  prevent ecological
> economy as the Local, world citizien who regulate delegulation of bourgeois
> society, lacks
>  Out of nation-state, democracy is not accepted. Against valolization demand
> of political delegation of world capital market, we cannot organize  movement
> by democratic claim, thus conter-movement including forced movement develops
> globally.
> 21.This time requires to break with political party and democracy which assume
> nation state. And now we must reflect association principle.
> 22. Democracy primarily indicate form of nation state ofbourgeois
dictatorship, But for people, it functioned as principle of resistance
> repression of ruling class as civilian right. However, this principle is
> caught in civil society which is built on exchange of  commodity.
> 23; Against this democratic principle, Association principle have a principle
> of association of people. Current cooperation which bear association
> principle come into effect by investment ,management, and work with work
> together. This has meaning of alternative economic system of next generation
> who bear total world beyond limit of socialization of integument of capital.
> Association principle usually is grasped as mutual aid and its altruist
> consisted of filling up other’s lack. Instead of political will unity as
> priority, front line of association movement which fills up other’s  lack
> de-reify capitalist system globally, thus ring the funeral of capitalism.
> 24.tactics which argue that social revolution begins after taking over
> political power , is from lasting revolution theory that  bourgeois revolution
> beginning in feudal system makes to last to proletariat revolution.
> The tactics succeeded in Russia revolution 2927, after that USSR
> established, and it formed 3rd international, thus encourage world-wide
> communist movement. In response that  bourgeois class maintain its system by
> socialization of integument of valolization.
> 25.Next, Stalinist system which insist on one- nation socialism failed to
> achieve social revolution. At the beginning  the ideal of communism is to
> abolish class and to abolish commodity,money and capital.
> Usual communism movement cannot have a view of practical praxis of this
> communism.
> 26.According to the value-form theory which argue forming maney from commodity
> derives from instinct unconscious collective behavior of commodity owner,
> contradiction emerge from the principle that to abolish money by political
> will.
> 27.By developing de-reification movements , it become clear  to abolish money,
> commodity,capital practically.
> Now it is problem that by forming association of de-reification against
> capital and its nation ,we progress social revolution day by day, and the same
> time enervate nation power.
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