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> One further note.  I would certainly not dispute the existence of
> intelligent and friendly ET life across our Great Universe.  But the idea
> floated by some -- e.g., Erik Von Daniken  -- that the great pyramids of
> Teotihuacán and Tula and Tenotchitlan of Mexico and the Mayan works of
> Central America and the impressive creations of the Inca of the Andes were
> all laid out by ETs is total nonsense:  charlatanism, mixed liberally with
> commercialism and crackpotism.  And, as some do, to attribute those to
> shipwrecked Egyptian or Phoenician sailors [who were also apparently and
> coincidentally,  gifted architects ] is likewise ridiculous.  For  better
> [most of the time] but sometimes for worse, everything in Old America
> was created by Native people.

Thank you.
I'm thoroughly sick of greyhaired white snob archaeologist TV
documentaries endlessly waffling about how the Egyptians, Atlanteans or
whoever spread their technology around the world. Well maybe not endless
waffling but every year or so there seems to be a new documentary about
Is it too hard to imagine that the native Americans, or for that matter
the Javanese or whoever else, might have been able to inependently come
up with the idea of pyramids themselves? There's a certain amount of
racism implicit in the idea that they couldn't I think.
Further, the Marxist concept of historical materialism would certainly
point to the likelihood of the earliest class societies (like Pharaonic
Egypt or the Inca civilisation of the Andes, and so on) developing
similar religious and cultural concepts, such as sun worship and so on,
given their similar mode of production. Being determines consciousness
and all that.
Of course it's equally ridiculous (and racist) to pretend that the
Americas were "discovered" by Columbus. Apart from the first peoples
themselves, it would be naive to deny that Egyptians, Chinese, Vikings,
could make their way there.
On the other hand extraterrestrial visitors aren't so plausible. Not
impossible, but it's speculation and as such should be treated with

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