To Nancy Brumback

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Fri Jul 19 03:14:33 MDT 2002

When Marxists declare that we, by definition, hold certain arguments,
who are you to say they do not? You are not a Marxist.

Let's be clear: Marxists are a diverse lot but we generally agree that
the working class is the primary oppressed and exploited class in the
capitalist economic system, i.e., the majority of the world's humanity.
The oppressed and exploited in the capitalist system are the working
class.  That class includes workers, the so-called reserve army of
unemployed, women workers, gay workers, workers anywhere, of any
background, poets, artists, musicians, etc.  We as Marxists want the
replacement of the capitalist system with a socialist economy and
communist society.

We do not think this can be achieved by someone announcing their pesonal
freedom, going back to nature, and setting up an ecologically green
business venture while humanity in the largest sense goes on being
oppressed and exploited by the grand business venture called
capitalism.  We don't believe the world can be saved if capitalism is
allowed to run rampant, and, by the way, we think that's the only way it
can run.

We don't think being nice and polite to gay capitalists is going to make
the world a better place, except for the very few gay capitalists.
There are many of us who are gay, anyway. It's just not the point.
Nowadays, among Marxists, it goes without saying that sexual preferences
are not a factor in our collective struggle.  We have no prejudices
against gays; we demand full rights for all people in a democratic,
egalitarian world community.

It goes without saying that those rights must include women as well as
any gender. We argue that the rights of women, gays and oppressed
minorities in our various capitalist states must be advanced and
defended.  But primarily we want to get beyond the point where we have
to.  We challenge the property-chained relationships of the dyadic
reproductive unit called the family in bourgeois society.  We want
freedom for humanity to live a decent existence on a just and healthy
planet, exploring all our collective and individual potential as human

So what's wrong with that?

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