Simpson election

Nigel Irritable nigel_irritable at
Fri Jul 19 05:10:46 MDT 2002

Domhnall refered to the newly elected General
Secretary of the AEEU - Amicus, Derek Simpson, as a
member of the CP. I don't think that this is accurate.
Simpson was a member of the old CPGB before it wound
itself up, but has been a member of New Labour for a

Getting rid of Sir Ken Jackson (unless he manages to
pull a fast one and get the election held again) is a
step forward for British Trade Union movement. Whether
Getting Simpson in is a step forward remains to be
seen. Certainly his recent "I'm not against Blair or
in favour of Blair" comments aren't very encouraging.

Predictably some of the trade union leaders recently
elected as "lefts" are proving themselves not to be
all that left - Gilchrist, Hayes etc.

Is mise le meas
Brian Cahill

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