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Hari Kumar hari.kumar at
Fri Jul 19 15:04:10 MDT 2002

Regarding the issue of Palestine:
Several correspondents castigate the line of two states - rather than one state - as being a "back-slide" [If indeed this is the lien fo the SWP - I remain confused what their lien is form the responses to the original question]. I hasten to add that I am the last person to support the SWP, being myself a
ML_ist. However, can it not be said that:
i) Having a state of their own - is a better position from which to ultimately fight for a single Palestine state that will include the Israelis - the Israelis are a fact of life & will not 'disappear'.
ii) The demands that any imperialist state [such as Britain] etc "recognize" a single Palestinian state - are simply futile - or deliberately designed to supposedly 'expose' the imperialists. But - to what end?
iii) Given the enormous destruction and dispersion of the Palestinians, a state - not a piece of land bisected and transected by Zionist colonialists as it is presently - must provide a a better half-way house than what the Palestinians have now.
All this is a question - ie: to repeat: "Can it not be said?" If not - why not?
Hari Kumar

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