How the Mighty Have Fallen

David Altman altman_d at
Sat Jul 20 06:42:58 MDT 2002

>From the latest "Militant":

"First ‘Militant’ issue on new press


"This beautiful new issue of the Militant is the first to be run on the same 
presses that produce Pathfinder books. The sheetfed
presses and higher quality of paper make for better type, photos,
graphics, and color in the paper.

"With press runs of around 4,000, printing the Militant on a
sheetfed press is more economical and efficient than on a web
press, which the paper has been printed on since 1970. Press runs
at that time shot up from around 10,000 in 1968 to 20,000 two
years later. The communist movement at the time organized to
raise the funds to purchase a web press, which is designed for
long-running jobs. With much shorter press runs today, the
sheetfed presses can meet the needs of the weekly Militant and
monthly Perspectiva Mundial. The presses print on both sides of
a page in one pass, meaning four pages of the paper can be
completed in one color quite quickly.

"For a week or so supporters of the two publications in New York
and New Jersey are stepping forward to help fold and collate the
paper. The shop is organizing to purchase folding equipment that
will eliminate much of this labor-intensive work....."

I suppose that when "The Militant" makes the trnsition to mieographed 
production this too will be a great advance for the "communist movement."

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