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Counterpunch Weekend Edition
July 20, 2002

"I Was Schooled in Hate"
Confessions of a
Summer Camp Terror Tot

by Jacob Levich

The Israel Defense Forces this week cynically capitalized on an earlier
public relations coup, releasing yet another snapshot of a Palestinian
toddler posed with weapons. The photograph, purportedly seized during a
military operation in Hebron, is reminiscent of last month's notorious
"Terror in Diapers" photo, which showed a Gaza child decked out as a
suicide bomber.

The latest picture is of course a boon to pro-Israel flacks, who had
been so desperate to keep the kiddie terrorist story alive that they
resorted to recycling year-old snaps of a militaristic kindergarten
pageant in Gaza, falsely implying that the stale images were fresh.
(See, for example, "Palestinian Kindergartners Being Schooled in Hate,"
an Anti-Defamation League press release dated June 27, 2002, or "Gaza
Toddlers Taught Hatred, Martyrdom and Jihad," a June 28, 2002 story in
<>, where weasel words are used to sell the old news as
a hot item about a "recent" ceremony. A little digging revealed the same
information and identical photos, clearly dated May 27, 2001, on the
Israeli Prime Minister's web site.)

Whatever their provenance, all of these alarming images were widely
circulated in print and electronic media, where they were offered as
evidence that Palestinians are heartless monsters who would snatch their
own kids from the cradle and train them in terror.

But as I watched Zionist spinmeisters drawing ugly conclusions on CNN, I
couldn't help flashing back to fond memories of dear old Camp Milldale,
where -- to borrow a phrase from the ADL -- I myself was "schooled in
hate" during the summer of 1967.



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