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Dear Friends,

This was passed on to me and I am passing it on; NO, I mean NO endorsement
of the views in this is implied with my passing this on. (I regard the U.S.
government as the number one source of state-sponsored terrorism in the
world followed closely by Israel). Nonetheless, John Loftus, who wrote "The
Secret War Against the Jews" among other works, who held a highest-level "Q"
clearance while working for the "nazi-hunting" unit of the Justice
Department, was one of the first to document Prescott Bush and George
Herbert Walker being principal financiers for Hitler from 1924 onward and
documented their selling nazi securities well AFTER Pearl Harbor.

I send this only to illustrate some profound divisions and because there may
be information in this triangulating with other information. The notion of
the Government of Israel being a promoter of "peace" makes me gag.

Jim C.

For Immediate Release: 

Lawsuit exposes Federal cover-up of Saudi-funded
terrorist net in Florida 
from John Loftus

For twenty years I have served without compensation as
a lawyer for federal whistleblowers within the US
intelligence community.In the last year, I have
received highly classified information from several of
my confidential clients concerning a Saudi covert
operation.The Saudi relationship is so sensitive that,
for more than a decade, federal prosecutors and
counter-terrorist agents have been ordered to shut
down their investigations for reasons of foreign

I am filing a lawsuit in Hillsborough County Court to
expose the manner in which Florida charities were used
as a money laundry for tax-deductible terrorism.The
complaint cites specific testimony including highly
classified information which has never been released

Simply put, the Saudi Government was laundering money
through Florida charities run by USF Professor Sami Al
Arian for the support of terrorist groups in the
Middle East. Through the Al Arian network and others,
the Saudi Government secretly funded Al Qaida, Hamas
and Islamic Jihad. The Saudi purpose was twofold: the
destruction of the State of Israel and the prevention
of the formation of an independent Palestinian State.

Two particular terrorist groups, Hamas and the
Palestinian Islamic Jihad, were specifically chosen
and funded by the Saudis for their willingness to
undermine Arafat's Palestinian Authority.The secret
Saudi goal was to create such animosity between Israel
and the Palestinian Authority that it would wreck any
chance for the creation of an independent Palestinian
State.Their tactics specifically called for the
intimidation or murder of those Palestinians who were
willing to work with Israel for peace.

To put it bluntly, the covert Saudi network in Florida
funded the murders of fellow Muslims for the crime of
wanting to create the first democratic Arab state.
Whatever harm the Israelis may have done, they did
build an excellent public education system, including
several universities, for the benefit of their
Palestinian neighbors. That was the problem.

While literacy in the Arab world is below 50%, in
Israel it is 97%.Israel is the only place in the
Middle East where an Arab woman can vote. After 50
years, Israel has created the first Arab class exposed
to democracy, literacy and western values.

To the Saudis, a democratic Palestinian nation would
be a cancer in the Arab world, a destabilizing example
of freedom that would threaten Arab dictators
everywhere.As King Fahd said, "next to the Jews, we
hate the Palestinians the most." The harder the
Israelis and Palestinians worked for peace, the more
money King Fahd poured into his murder for hire

The Saudi Government has already begun its spin
operations, claiming that this terror network was a
rogue operation financed by a radical Saudi
businessman without the support or knowledge of the
Saudi Government.The truth is that many of the Saudi
Princes, notably Prince Bandahar and Prince Alwaheed,
are good and loyal friends of America who want to lead
Saudi Arabia into the modern world.Unfortunately, they
are now in the minority in their own country. 
King Fahd is on his death bed, and his half-brother
and heir apparent, Crown Prince Abdullah depends on
the most radical southern and eastern clans for his
political base. The southern faction is the center of
popular support for Al Qaida and the Taliban because
it is the home of the most extreme Muslim sect, the

Ninety nine percent of the Muslim world rejects the
Wahabbi religious tenets as utterly repugnant to the
teachings and examples of the Prophet as written down
in the Hadith. Since most Wahabbis are functionally
illiterate, they cannot read about this conflict on
their own.Typically, they memorize a few passages of
the Koran taken out of context, and never read the
accompanying Hadith for explanation.

For example, the Wahabbis are taught by rote that Jews
are subhumans who should be killed as a religious
duty.In contrast, the Hadith explains that the prophet
Mohammed honored Jews, married a Jewish wife, forbade
forced conversions of Jews, always bowed in respect
when a Jewish funeral passed, and promised that good
and faithful Jews would go to Paradise just as good
Muslims and Christians would, and that the Jews would
have their Holy Place in the west (meaning Jerusalem)
while Muslims would have their Holy Place in the East
(meaning Mecca).

Illiteracy is a weapon of oppression.The Saudis, and
their Wahabbi protégés, the Taliban, have decreed that
women cannot work or even sit in the front seat of a
car. In contrast, the Hadith records that the Prophet
worked for his wife, and that she drove her own
caravans in international commerce. The Prophet
forbade racism, the Wahabbis practice it, especially
against their non-Arab Shiite minority. 

The Wahabbis (both in Saudi Arabia and the Taliban)
discriminate viciously against women. The Prophet, who
lovingly raised three daughters, insisted that women
should have substantially equal rights in contract,
ownership, and divorce. 

The Muslim faith envisioned by the Prophet in the
Koran and recorded by his contemporaries in the Hadith
is a religion that practices tolerance towards all
races and religions, stresses the extreme importance
of literacy and education, and elevates the status of
women to unprecedented levels in many societies.

This is the gentle, peaceful Muslim faith practiced
everywhere in the world, except in Saudi Arabia and
the Taliban provinces of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Muslim scholars speak derisively about the primitive
Wahabbi apostasy, but rarely in public.

The reason for this deafening silence is simple, most
Mosques in the world are impoverished and depend upon
Saudi subsidies for their operation. In return,
however, the Saudis have gained a foothold for
proselytizing and radicalizing the Muslim youth
through religious education in the form of militant
Wahabbism. Children learn to hate because they are
being taught that way. 

The Saudi charitable network in America that began
with religious education evolved into other areas over
the decades. The Saudis dabbled with funding
anti-Semitic hate groups as a means of breaking down
American support for Israel. After the fall of
communism, the Saudis took over funding the most
militant terror organizations for direct attacks
against Jewish and Palestinian supporters of the peace

Year after year, members of the intelligence community
warned that a rising wave of terror was coming. Oliver
North wrote in his autobiography that every time he
tried to do something about terrorism, he was told to
stop because it would embarrass the Saudi Government.
John O'Neill quit his job as head of FBI
counter-terrorism for the same reason. Jonathan
Pollard went to jail. 

Federal agents in Tampa, who had known about the
Saudi-Sami Al Arian connection since 1990, were
ordered to drop the investigation in 1995. The Saudi
influence buying machine had effectively shut down any
threat of criminal prosecution. Those Americans,
including a former President, who lobbied for the
Saudis have a lot to answer for. So do the Saudis. 
With the explosive growth of Al Qaida and their
Taliban allies, the Saudis finally recognized that
they had gone too far. As Osama Bin Laden laughingly
related on videotape, he was approached prior to the
attack on the twin Trade Towers by his relatives, who
offered him $300,000,000 to cancel the operation.
Apparently, the Bin Laden family really had not broken
off all ties and knew exactly what was coming. So, my
clients say, did the Saudis. 

Six months later, a much chagrined Prince Abdullah
belatedly announced that the Saudis would release the
names of the terrorists which their charities had
"unwittingly" funded, but only in Somalia and Asia.
The main Saudi charities in Herndon, Virginia, and the
Al Arian network in Florida are still untouched. 

My clients are betting that the American influence
peddlers hired by the Saudis will succeed once again
in derailing a federal investigation. They came to me
for help in exposing the cover-up. That is why I am
filing this lawsuit. 

In the months to come, the American public may finally
begin to learn why the Saudi-Sami Al Arian terror
networks went untouched for so long. It wasn't an
intelligence failure, it was a foreign policy failure.
The orders were not to embarrass the Saudi Government.
Year after years, the cover-up orders came from the
State Department and the White House. The CIA, the
FBI, and the Justice Department just did what they
were told. 

No one intended the harsh consequences of letting the
Saudi's get away with it again and again. Only after
September 11, when the Treasury Department found the
financial transactions linking the Saudi charities
directly to Osama bin Laden, did American officials
realize the extent of their betrayal. 

We are not alone in our grief and anger. Saudi money
sabotaged every Israeli initiative to make peace. The
bewildered Palestinians may finally realize that they
have been stabbed in the back by an Arab brother. The
rules have changed after September 11, but the bottom
line remains the same: if we want to stop terrorism,
we have to tell the Saudis to stop funding it. 

John Loftus

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