Fidel: "Zimbabwe to overcome woes despite Western pressure"

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The Herald (Harare), 7/20/02

‘Zim to overcome woes despite Western pressure’
>From Itayi Musengeyi in HAVANA, Cuba.
ZIMBABWE will manage to overcome its problems despite the pressure applied
by some powerful Western countries, Cuban President Fidel Castro believes.

Speaking to Zimbabwean journalists in Havana yesterday, President Castro
said like his country, which has weathered a United States-led isolation,
Zimbabwe would eventually succeed in its programmes.

He said people who do right, no matter how small they are, would pull

"Sometimes small people have to fight big people and if our effort has been
worthwhile, we are confident such hero-ic people as Zimbabweans will be able
to overcome the obstacles before them.

"There is no country weak enough to be crushed. That is why I am confident
in Zimbabwe’s victory despite the obstacles," he said.

The Cuban leader said he was proud of Zimbabweans’ resolve to determine
their own destiny.

President Castro hailed the Zimba-bweans for their heroic efforts in taking
their land.

History would record that President Mugabe and Zimbabweans were right in
taking their land, to enhance their sovereignty. Africa and small countries,
said the Cuban leader, should always remain vigilant, as imperialist forces
would continue to seek to subjugate them.

He said the Zimbabwe people would triumph in their quest to take their land.

The Cuban leader was speaking after accompanying President Mugabe, who is on
an official visit here, on a tour of the world-famous and Cuba’s number one
tourist site, the Varandero Beach Resort.

Cde Mugabe later met Zimbabwean students studying here and briefed them on
the political and economic situation at home.

The President told the students that the major tasks facing the Government
were providing food to the people following the devastating drought,
delivering land to people and addressing the current economic downturn.

On politics, President Mugabe said it was worrying that young people who are
better-educated and should be revolutionary were being hoodwinked by the MDC
to surrender their sovereignty and independence to Western powers.

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