Google censorship

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Mon Jul 22 08:22:12 MDT 2002

I guess many comrades are using Google as their primary search engine. In my
case it even goes so far that something not to be found by Google
practically does not exists on the Web.
Unfortunately Google has started to implement a form of censorship: certain
domains are erased from the database. At the moment this seems to work on a
country specific basis. E.g. compare this two Google searches:
It is obvious that the German Google filters the very first two hits which
happen to be on .
shows that German Google has no hits at all, while get 1130 hits.
I know that this is a Nazi site, but nevertheless it is at least a severe
restriction for research.
Things are getting even worse, if you do not know how Google works: Even if
you enter you will be redirected , when you
happen to have an IP number from Germany. If you want the English version
from a German IP number you have to enter explicitly
People might argue it is even good that no Nazi sites are to be found by
Google, but imgagine this to be applied on a larger scale. Any government
will decide which search results are fit for its own subjects.


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