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Chris Brady cdbrady at
Mon Jul 22 15:58:33 MDT 2002

I thought Marx criticized Feuerbach's syllogistic dialectic (thesis--
antithesis-- synthesis).

If Feuerbach was linear, then Marxian dialectic is three dimensional, as
befits a materialist.  With the consideration of history, i.e., time, as
in historical materialism, yet another dimension must be added.

Class analysis is one, particularly apprehensible way of understanding
social power.

In Engels’ letter to Ernst Bloch he wrote that Marx thought the
“economic element was not the only determining one.”  His theory also
allowed for individual agency.  Dialectically, collective individual
agency, individual agencies in the aggregate, have great power.  Letter
to Starkenberg: we “make history ourselves.”

But I cannot get sucked into this, and there are better people on this
list than me to deal with these subjects.

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