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Ridge Eyes Domestic Police Duties for Military
Listen [sic]
Report: U.S. Military Errors Kill ... Civilians

As we all learned from Kent State and Jackson State in May of 1970, they
will shoot us.

Gordon concludes

"that there was no conspiracy among the enlisted men, but there had to have
been a localized order to fire issued by one of the officers at the scene.
The argument is based on FBI interviews of eyewitnesses, which confirm that
the Guardsmen turned and fired in unison just as they reached a campus
landmark, the Pagoda, and were about to pass out of sight of the
demonstrating students."

What coming crisis looms? Peace protests are planned for September 11, 2002
from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine.  Will these anti-war protesters be
seen as patriots?  Just yesterday, I saw a group of peace advocates with
signs standing on the corner. Of the dozen drivers at the stop light, I was
the only one to honk encouragement.  Since the beginning of the "War on
Terrorism," I've displayed a 6 foot peace sign in blue x-mas lights from the
top of my house.  On July 8th at 3:00 a.m., some disgruntled patriot threw
100 black cat firecrackers on my porch, then yelled obsenities.  As of July
2002, an ABC pole notes that  83% of Americans approve of Bush's hanling of
the terrorism war, while CBS reports that 77% support the administration.

Contrast this with public approval of the Vietnam War between 1967-70. By
October 1967, public approval of President Johnson's handling of the war
plummeted to only 28 percent.  When Nixon became President he was demonized
people unwilling to support the war effort. Antiwar protesters were
portrayed as traitors who were giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Certainly  tension grows between the hawks and the doves as the "War on
Terrorism" continues. Will the rhetoric also escalate as war protests mount?
If George W begins his "concept of operations" in Iraq,

then peace protests will mount. Will peace protesters be labeled as
"traitors giving aid and comfort to the enemy"?

We should be wary of symbolism as Sept. 11th, 2002 draws nearer.

Following is an excerpt from H.J.Res.71 which became law on 12/18/2001:
Public Law No: 107-89.


Chapter 1 of title 36, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end
the following new section:

`Sec. 144. Patriot Day

`(a) DESIGNATION- September 11 is Patriot Day.

`(b) PROCLAMATION- The President is requested to issue each year a
proclamation calling on--

`(1) State and local governments and the people of the United States to
observe Patriot Day with appropriate programs and activities;

`(2) all departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of the United States
and interested organizations and individuals to display the flag of the
United States at halfstaff on Patriot Day in honor of the individuals who
lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attacks against the United
States that occurred on September 11, 2001; and

`(3) the people of the United States to observe a moment of silence on
Patriot Day in honor of the individuals who lost their lives as a result of
the terrorist attacks against the United States that occurred on September
11, 2001.'.

So how will peace protests on Patriot Day be viewed?  As patriotic?  Will
the local police, the National Guard and perhaps the U.S. Military be asked
to "monitor" the protests?  So far, no major incidents have been reported,
but things could get hairy.  Currently 77-83% of Americans, according to the
news media, support Bush's war. George W also has Patriot's Day and a
Patriot Act to bolster public opinion for his actions.   With less than 30%
supporting Nixon, with no Patriot Act and no Patriot's Day, the National
Guard shot students at Kent State and Jackson State.  Things could get


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