No Sense of an Ending: The effects of long-term imprisonment

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No Sense of an Ending: The effects of long-term imprisonment amongst
Republican prisoners and their families
- EXPAC Report

No Sense of an Ending is a report of a study commissioned by the
Ex-Prisoners Assistance Committee (Expac).

This report described an exploratory study of the effects of long-term
imprisonment amongst a group of Republican ex-prisoners and their families.

The study highlights a range of needs and makes recommendations for further
work to address them. Many of the aspects of post-release adjustment
described in the report are likely to be common to other groups of
ex-prisoners, including those of different political motivation, so it is
hoped that the report will be seen to be of wider relevance across different

Authors of the report are Ruth Jamieson, Department of Criminology, Keele
University and Adrian Grounds, Institute of Criminology, University of

Copies of the report can be obtained by contacting:
59 Glaslough Street, Monaghan
Tel 047 - 72 182
E-mail: expac at

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