New book on the Mid-East by Norman Finkelstein

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> Friends Indeed: The Special Relationship of Israel and the United
> by Norman H. Finkelstein

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Not much to be learned from this book of cliches, March 22, 2001
Reviewer: Frederick James from Geneva Switzerland

"First a warning: the author is NOT the Norman Finkelstein who wrote
The Holocaust Industry and other iconoclastic works. This one, on the
contrary, only reproduces the official history of Israel that is now
being debunked by the new historians and other intellectuals like
Norman G. Finkelstein. As one example, Norman H. Finkelstein tells us
in this book that the Israeli attempt to sink the USS Liberty in 1967
was an honest mistake, which is inconsistent with the facts as related
by the ship's commander. So he doesn't seem to be well informed."

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