prepare your grain of salt: "Osama Bin Laden, Meet Your Closest Kin: Karl Marx"

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Tue Jul 23 14:26:55 MDT 2002

[stumbled upon this through a link on the new york newsday website]

To understand the sort of war that militant Islam is waging, look not
to the Far Right but the Far Left. This new adversary resembles an enemy
America knows well: Marxism.

Of course, militant Islam differs from Marxism in many, many ways. Marxism
comes from Europe, militant Islam from Arabia. The one is rooted in the
Industrial Revolution, the other in the Middle Ages. One is atheistic,
the other theocratic; one modern, the other anti-modern. The differences
are too many and obvious to belabor. The very starkness of those differences,
however, is what makes the movements' similarities so striking.

Both Marxism and Islamism are utopian, promising a future in which harmony,
equity, and altruism will replace conflict, unfairness, and corruption.
Both embrace historicism, the doctrine that ineluctable historical laws
-- economic in one case, divine in the other -- make eventual triumph
inevitable. Each is fundamentally anti-nationalist, hostile to the very
notion of the nation-state; today's states and borders are illegitimate
artifacts of an oppressive order, ultimately to be replaced by Communism
or a Caliphate. Accordingly, both movements conceive of themselves as
inherently internationalist, operating across borders as readily as within
them. Though these movements regard seizing and using state power as
essential, they do not want control of any particular government; they
want control of the world.

Full (for what it's worth):

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