Bomb Warning at IRSP Office in Belfast

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22 July 2002
Irish Republican Socialist Party

Bomb Warning at IRSP Office in Belfast

The IRSP in Belfast have condemned a bomb warning at the party's
Belfast office at lunch time today. The office at Costello House also
houses the ex-prisoners' group Teach na Failte. The offices were
visited by the RUC/PSNI who said that they had received a telephone
warning, no device was found.

The IRSP are blaming erroneous press and security reports that the
INLA were behind a defensive action in the Glenbryn estate

IRSP representative Paul Little said:

"The IRSP condemn without hesitation this bomb warning today as a
blatant attempt to distract people's attention away from the ongoing
loyalist pogrom in North Belfast that has resulted in many injuries
and the murder last night of Gerard Lawlor."


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